Pre Christmas Visit to Tacoma

On the weekend of December 22/23 Carla and I along with her sisters Linda and Starr drove up to Tacoma to spend the weekend with their brother Glenn and his wife, Carolyn. They moved up to Tacoma from Portland late last summer for a great job opportunity. They have a wonderful house in the University of Puget Sound area just south of Commencement Bay

Map of the greater Seattle area. 

It was a cool overcast day on the 2 1/2 hour drive up; but we didn’t have too much rain.

Glenn and Carolyn in front of their house.
The family: Linda, Carla, Starr, Glenn
Linda and Starr spent the night at Glenn and Carolyn’s place. We stayed at a local hotel on the bay. When I woke up in the morning the sun was just starting to come up and I got this picture of Commencement Bay outside our hotel window
View of Commencement Bay from our hotel room.
A few minutes later, daylight had taken over

About 20 minutes after the earlier picture was taken.

 We had a wonderful visit and we were all so happy to be together before Christmas.

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