Dining out: Reverend’s BBQ

Once a month Carla goes to her knitting group. With the FP (Food Police) otherwise occupied, it’s FFZ (Free Fire Zone) night for the boys. Jay, John, Norm, Ray, and I head out for a meal somewhere. Last night we went over to the Sellwood district for some barbecue at a new joint: Reverend’s BBQ.

We all ordered Brisket; I had collard greens and Mac And Cheese for my sides. I think Brisket is a good test of a barbecue joint’s quality. The brisket last night was the best I’ve ever eaten. I’ve eaten barbecue in Oregon, Virginia, ¬†Chicago IL, and Dallas TX; I’ve also smoked brisket a few times. This brisket simply knocked all the others out of the park. The sauces were good; I tried them all but focused on the spicy red sauce. The also have a sweet red sauce, Carolina Gold mustard sauce, and a vinegar sauce.

I knew we were at a good place when we tried the deviled egg appetizers, served with a bit of brisket on top. The collard greens were excellent and the Mac And Cheese very good (I’m partial to my stiffer dish; this was more creamy).

I wish I had taken my camera to capture some pictures of the place and the food. If you want some good BBQ, head over to Reverend’s BBQ.

Reverend’s is a new joint; it opened in March 2014. Prior to opening the owners drove across country sampling BBQ everywhere they could. You can find more information on OregonLive

Here is a picture of their ribs from their website

For dessert we headed about 1 mile north to an old Dairy Queen for cones and blizzards. I think I may need to move to Sellwood about 1/2 way between Reverend’s BBQ and Dairy Queen!

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