Baby Jurgen

Carla and I drove from Portland (Oregon)  to Chicago to visit our son, Andrew, daughter-in-law, Henriët, co-mother-in-law Jeanette (visiting from South Africa), and our new grandson Jurgen!

I took some pictures along the way and will post some accounts of our travels, but today I held klein Jurgentjie (baby Jurgen) for about half-an-hour while Andrew worked on a class he was taking and Henriët grabbed a quick nap. I can’t remember a better 30 minutes since Andrew and Jeff were babies.

After 30 or 40 minutes he’d had enough of Oupa’s charms and wanted his Mama.

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4 Responses to Baby Jurgen

  1. BZ says:

    OMG…what a very cute baby and Opa!!

  2. He has your & my hairline !

  3. Unknown says:

    You both have the same knees 🙂 Very excited for you all. Congratulations

  4. Unknown says:

    What a gorgeous baby–so much hair. Congratulations. Holding your grandchild is one of the best feeling in the world.

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