Road Trip 2014 – Boise

Carla retired on Thursday June 12 and our grandson Jurgen was born the day before. With that in mind we planned a road trip to Chicago. The trip to Chicago would run to 2,200 miles and take us through 7 states: Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, and Illinois. We will take a different route back, through the Grand Canyon – but that is for a later post.

The blue line shows our route.

Our first stop was Boise, Idaho for a couple of nights. We stayed with our great friends Nancy and Tom Lea. It so happens that another old C of I friend Marguerite Lawrence was throwing a party for Butch’s daughter Nicollete.  Once that party was over she Marguerite and Doug threw a barbecue party for a whole bunch of the old gang and many new members as well. What a trooper – two parties in one day!

Maggie and Doug have a beautiful place for a summer deck party; they live in the northeast side of town up on a bluff overlooking the city. I brought my camera but neglected to take many pictures – curses.

Craig, The Chief, Eldridge, a new friend, Jan and Larry Stamps enjoying Butch’s guacamole

Sunset from Doug and Marguerite’s deck

If I were to ever leave Portland, I think Boise would be my choice to live. Sunday June 15, we hung around Tom and Nancy’s comfortable house for a while before going out for a walk along the Boise river. Like Portland, Boise is pedestrian and bicycle friendly; there is a well maintained path along a stretch of the river. Walking near a bridge we saw something hanging down from the structure.

Sleeping bags suspended from the bridge over the Boise river.

Upon closer inspection we saw that it was a group of three cyclists who apparently bivouacked for the night. I think these are the kinds of bags mountain climbers use to suspend themselves from cliffs while they sleep for the night. I wouldn’t get a very restful night’s sleep.

Close up of biker’s sleeping beneath the bridge.

Boise takes its recreation seriously. They constructed two flues for the river where kayaks can practice shooting rapids and surfers can actually surf. Who thought you could surf 500 miles from the nearest beach

Overview of the man-made flues for kayakers and surfers

Close up of a surfer practicing his moves.

On the other side of the walkway is a pond that paddle boarders, kayakers, and rafters can enjoy a more peaceful experience.

Paddle board, kayaks, and rubber raft enjoying a Boise Sunday morning.

There is a new housing development going up on the western end of Boise overlooking the river. Ifwe moved to Boise, this is one place  I’d look for a house. As we walked by some birds were taking advantage of a buffet served at one of the homes.

Some of the local fauna.

We had an excellent dinner that night at the Red Feather cafe; I especially liked the smoky, grilled kale Caesar salad. After two restful nights in Boise it was time to push on Monday morning to meet our new grandson.

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