Road Trip 2014 – Leaving Riverside, IL

One last post on our stay in North Riverside. On our walks from Andrew and Henriët’s home to downtown Riverside we passed a house with a few mushrooms growing. As we spent the week, the mushrooms transformed into different shapes. Here are a few shots of their transformation.

Mushrooms in Riverside, IL

 These last two pictures were taken within a few hours of each other, they are change from little balls to little plates.

Mushrooms in Riverside, IL

Maturing mushrooms in Riverside, IL

We drove 2,212 miles from Portland to Chicago and had a longer drive home as we headed south to Arizona to visit my Uncle Jake and Aunt Sally and to see the Grand Canyon. Henriëtt,s brave mother Jeanette joined us for our trip home. Knowing we had a long day of travel before us, we were up fairly early. Andrew, Henriët, and Jurgen came out to wish us farewell.

Last look at Andrew, Henriët, andJurgen’s home.

 Jurgen was a little sleepy after eating, but came out to say goodbye to us.

Henriët, Jurgen, and Andrew bid us farewell

Every journey starts with a single step; this is what the accumulation of our steps would amount to.

The road before us

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