Trains in Green River, Wyoming

We are on the road to Chicago to meet our newest grandchild. We are driving long distances every day but that doesn’t mean we can’t stop to take pictures of trains.

Green River, Wyoming is a little south of I80; you dip down into a lovely valley – I think it is called the Flaming Gorge. Down by the old depot is a pedestrian bridge over the tracks. I climbed up to get a view of an eastbound snaking into town that we had passed a while before on the freeway.

20160621 ILCA-77M2 28-135mm F4-4.5 2016 Summer Trip - Ogden to Cheyenne DSC07594-Edit
Union Pacific at Green River, WY

The Rocky Mountains, in this part of Wyoming at least, don’t look like our Oregon mountains. These are bare while ours are covered with trees.


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