Reading: The Complete Guide to Sony’s A7r II by Gary L. Friedman

The Complete Guide to Sony's A7 and A7r (B&w Edition)The Complete Guide to Sony’s A7 and A7r by Gary L. Friedman

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I picked up this book a week or two before I bought the camera this summer – just to see if the camera was all it was cracked up to be. The camera is, and the book is very good. It is a comprehensive guide to using the Sony A7r II. After a couple of chapters of introduction and essential configuration the book covers each menu item (and there are a LOT in this camera) in detail and refers back to conflicting and correlated settings.

There is no way you can become an expert simply by reading the book – found it imperative to have the camera with me as I tried out each setting and configuration. And you’d have to have an eidetic to be able to go directly to a setting when you want it. Nevertheless, this handy book introduces everything to you and serves as an excellent reference.

The end of the book contains “”A Condensed Guide to the Basics”” which serves to bring critical points in focus. There are also two sets of tip cards which can be printed, laminated, and carried along with your camera.

There are a couple of other books on this camera. I haven’t read them so can’t compare but this is certainly comprehensive and useful.

I bought the PDF formatted version and uploaded it to my iPad which makes it a hand reference.

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