Thanksgiving 2016

You know I’m not an on-top-of-everything blogger by the fact that my Thanksgiving dinner post is coming after Thanksgiving instead of a week or two before. Thank goodness for the professionals like Mike Vrobel at Dad Cooks Dinner and J Kenji L√≥pez-Alt at Serious Eats who come out with recipes and suggestions allowing the rest… Continue reading Thanksgiving 2016

Reading: A Gambler’s Anatomy by Jonathan Lethem

A Gambler’s Anatomy: A Novel by Jonathan Lethem My rating: 4 of 5 stars Alexander Bruno is a backgammon gambler. The novel opens as he is traveling to Germany to play against a wealthy man. Unfortunately the “blot” that blocks his vision – and may also block others from reading his mind – intrudes in… Continue reading Reading: A Gambler’s Anatomy by Jonathan Lethem