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After naps and lunch on Saturday the six of headed into Chicago for a quick excursion. We drove up to Oak Park to board the ‘El’ Green Line. The skyline is visible through the haze from the platform.

20180331 Saturday Afternoon in Chicago DSC-RX10M4 _HWT1070

After about a 20 minute ride we reached the Loop. So many tracks and cross overs

20180331 Saturday Afternoon in Chicago DSC-RX10M4 _HWT0994

We walked next to the Chicago River for a few minutes to take in the view.

20180331 Saturday Afternoon in Chicago DSC-RX10M4 _HWT1013-2

Then down to the esplanade on the river. I seek out this building every time we go into the Windy City. I love the parking below and the apartments above. This might be on the opening credits of the original Bob Newhart Show.

20180331 Saturday Afternoon in Chicago DSC-RX10M4 _HWT1053


Then I saw its reflection in a glass building across the river.

20180331 Saturday Afternoon in Chicago DSC-RX10M4 _HWT1039

We made our way back up to street level

20180331 Saturday Afternoon in Chicago DSC-RX10M4 _HWT1058


and up to the El again for our ride home. We had a couple of happy but tired boys when we got home. It’s a good thing we had leftovers we could heat up – they wouldn’t have been happy about waiting much longer for dinner.

[NOTE: A few hours after original publication.
I used a Sony RX10 camera which I’m really pleased with. It’s lightweight and has a terrific zoom.  One area it has problems with is architecture photos. I went back into the Transform panel in  LightRoom ]to fix the problems. Um, now that I think of it, that information doesn’t do much good for you since I deleted the originals and we can’t compare. But for example,

  • In the last photo of the series, the building just behind the El on the right had a bit of a curve to it.
  • The photo of the columnar tower and the red bridge in the foreground had a bigger problem. I tried to fix it manually and got the building in the foreground straight, but the bridge looked like it was going uphill. LightRoom Automatic Transform to the rescue. However, if you look closely that building on the left seems to be tilting slightly to the right,

LightRoom did a fine job for my needs – but if you are taking architectural photos professionally you’ll need to take a close look at the results to see if this camera is for you.]


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