Wood Ducks 2018

It’s that time of year again: wood ducks are pairing up and looking for nesting spots.  Thanks to our neighbor Jon we have a great wood duck box (is it a duck box that is made of wood or a box for wood ducks?)

If I remember their habits correctly, at this time of year, the female goes into the nesting box for about an hour each morning to lay another egg while the male keeps watch. I think this is the female checking out her spot. They hang around a while to make sure the coast is clear.

This is not it; this is an old chickadee box that has had its tiny entrance expanded by a remodeling squirrel.

20180409 Wood Ducks DSC-RX10M4 _HWT1075

There’s her bigger box in the back ground.

20180409 Wood Ducks DSC-RX10M4 _HWT1079

Dudette has a mullet!

20180409 Wood Ducks DSC-RX10M4 _HWT1087

One of these years, I hope to get pictures of the ducklings falling from the box – though it can be a bit of “Wild Kingdom” with crows and red tail hawks hanging out like they are lining up at a buffet.


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