California Trip Day 9: Monterey Bay Aquarium

We had one more trip planned before we headed home on Friday August 13: Monterey Bay Aquarium. Carla and I visited there with her parents back in the 1970s and we’ve wanted to return ever since. We thought the grandkids would love the aquarium and we were right. We bought our tickets a couple of days ahead and headed out semi-early for the one hour drive.
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Road Trip to Glacier Days 8-9: Spokane Washington

Visit Date: July 15, 2021 CORRECTION: 9/9/21. The bird in the last picture is an Osprey; not a hawk. Big thanks and shout out to reader and high school friend Frances. For our adjusted return trip we headed to Spokane, Washington from Whitefish, Montana. We wanted to stay downtown rather than just a freeway motel… Continue reading Road Trip to Glacier Days 8-9: Spokane Washington