Cedar Planked Salmon

Prepared: June 28, 2018

The kids are more “vegetarian-ish” than vegetarian. Fish is on their menu; so we picked up a salmon filet for a nice summer meal on the deck. Now, I imagine everyone with a grill has done cedar planked salmon, so I’ll keep this brief. Most importantly make sure you have a plank that is big enough for you piece of fish. I found some – maybe at Orchard Supply Hardware – that are 15″ long by 7″ wide – longer and wider than many I’ve seen at the grocery store.

At least two hours before cooking I put a plank in a tray of water and weight it down with a measuring cup full of water to keep it submerged.

20170628 Cedar Planked Salmon 002

Before and after

20170628 Cedar Planked Salmon 006

We are going for an indirect cook on the gas grill – fast and simple. First I turned all burners to high to heat it up. After 10-15 minutes I scrubbed the grill, turned off the burners in the middle and turned the outer burners to a tad below medium. My target was 350° on the grill hood thermometer. That thermometer is measuring the heat up on the top of the grill rather than down on the grill where the fish is; but it’s a fine indicator for this dish.

I put the salmon filet on the plank, sprinkled just a bit of kosher salt on top then put it over the unlit burners on the grill and close the cover.

20170628 Cedar Planked Salmon 018

The filet just barely fit diagonally; of course, if the filet was bigger I could have cut it in half.

The USDA calls for an internal temperature of 145°

It cooked in a hurry; in just 12 minutes the cedar plank was smoking and the fish was 115°. I closed the grill and waited another minute and it was a tad over my target – which is lower than USDA – so check often.

20170628 Cedar Planked Salmon 020

That smoking cedar plank really enhances the flavor. I brought it in to rest while the final dinner preparations were made.

20170628 Cedar Planked Salmon 028

A chopped salad, crusty french bread, a nice bottle of wine and dinner was served. Serving on the charred plank is a nice presentation – it was cut into portions before I got my camera out.

20170628 Cedar Planked Salmon 030

Everyone loved it; the 4 year old and 2 year old kids gobbled it up.

A fantastic dinner to end a fantastic day. A few years ago our South African daughter-in-law put some chutney on the side to go with the salmon. Delicious! We’ve used many different flavors – today she bought apple and cranberry.

20170628 Cedar Planked Salmon 033

We don’t need a long involved recipe here; put a lightly salted salmon filet on a wet cedar plank over indirect heat at 300° – 350° until it reaches your – or the USDA – desired degree of doneness.

Rating: ★★★★★

You can’t beat this for a nice dinner.

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