Wedding Venue and Garden Rose

Post Date: August 17, 2018

It has been hot as blazes here this summer; but every so often we get a moment to enjoy where we live. From this post and my last post about the  Providence Bridge Stride you’ll see I’m a booster for the Portland area. Today I have a couple of pictures of our beautiful area.

Last weekend one of my good friend’s sons was getting married. The venue was a few miles west of our place outside the urban growth boundary. The wedding was outside under a stand of oak trees while the reception was held in an covered/open area. The venue is on a ridge which affords views of the valley in three directions. Here is one view looking north.

20180811_Denises Sons Wedding_IMG_0246-Pano-Edit-2

Earlier this week our rose bush was still going strong.

20180131_Garden Rose_A7R02789

That’s it for today.

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