2018 Christmas in Riverside – Santa

Santa’s Visit Date: December 22, 2018

The Village of North Riverside has some pull with important people. On the Saturday before Christmas, Santa was escorted through the neighborhoods by the North Riverside Fire Department. One stop was the corner near Andrew and Henriët’s home. Exactly on schedule a fleet of fire trucks and ambulances arrived with lights flashing and sirens blowing. There were the Chief’s SUV, at least three fire trucks and two EMT/Ambulances. It was exciting to see them come in.

Santa Visits North Riverside

Santa escorted through North Riverside by the NRFD
Santa’s escort through North Riverside
Another of the NRFD Fire Trucks escorting Santa

Santa stepped out of the fire truck with the help of NRFD he passed out a few gifts and talked with the boys and girls.

Jurgen checked in and found out he was definitely on the “nice” list.

Jurgen talks with Santa

Cornelius was brave enough to stand next to Jurgen as long as dad was there. But he didn’t want to sit with Santa on his own. I think next year will be the year for him.

Jurgen ran over to show me what was in his gift backpack. Cornelius got a back pack too.

Cornelius, Ouma, Jurgen, and Papa after Santa’s visit to their neighborhood.

Cornelius was catching a bit of a cold and was glad Mama was around

Cornelius with Mama during Santa’s visit to the neighborhood.

While the neighborhood kids were taking their turns with Santa I went over to one of the fire trucks to grab pictures. One of the fire men asked if I’d like to see inside. Oh YEAH! I’m really just a big kid at heart. One of the small rewards of grand children is the opportunity to hang out around big equipment stuff.

Back seat of a NRFD Fire Truck. Note the air tanks fit into the seats.

After Santa visited all the kids on the block, he got back in the fire truck and headed out for his next stop.

I’ve never seen anything like this out in the west where we live. It was a fun community event. It was a great winter day providing ample opportunity for grownups and kids to visit.

The neighborhood celebrating the Christmas spirit

This was one of my best Christmas Vacations ever. I got to see 5 of my 6 favorite people/things.

  • Andrew and Henriët
  • Grandkids
  • Santa Claus
  • Fire Trucks
  • Trains

If Sarah and Jeff had been there it would have been perfect.

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