Wood Ducks

Picture Dates: February 18 & 24, 2019

Last weekend (February 17, 2019) our neighbor and local wood duck supporter cleaned out the nesting box in the green space behind our house. Just in time. The next morning a couple of wood ducks were scoping out the homes in the neighborhood.

The female was already in the nesting box but the male was keeping watch.

Male Wood Duck on our back deck railing
“What do you want?

Then today – Sunday – I spied a couple – one on either end of the deck.

Another day, another visit to the nesting box

The female getting ready to fly into the nest. One moment she was there the next she was gone. I was really hoping to get a picture of her flying into the box.

Female wood duck on the deck railing

Back in 2014 the box was pretty new. I got a shot of the female just before she entered the box. You can see that in this post.

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