Nesting Wood Duck

These aren’t the best images; I’m shooting through glass and into the sun which gives some wicked reflection. But the subject is something I’ve been trying to capture for a while.

I’m at the breakfast table eating and reading when I look out and sure enough there are two pair of wood ducks hanging out. A couple on the deck railing per usual and a female on the wood duck box seeing if it is vacant.

Can I get in there?

The coast is clear so she flies out a bit, does a U-turn and heads for the box. Here are some shots from my burst.

The couple on the deck look at each other like “What the ….?””

We lost our chance

I think the best picture I got of a duck heading into the box was in this post from 2014

Heading into the nesting box – March 2014

We’ve been watching the ducks for a few years now; you can see the posts here.

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