Neighborhood Raccoon

Date: May 28, 2019

Our friends Kate and Don came up from California for a visit. The next day we headed out for a multi-date adventure – but more on that in future posts.

The weather was just perfect so we grilled some brats and ate on the deck. Earlier in the day as I was reading the paper I thought I saw something scoot by on the deck; and later, I saw some muddy foot prints on the deck – they didn’t look like cat tracks.

As we sat around the table chatting and swapping lies I saw some movement high up in one of the trees on the south end of the deck. I looked closer – “Hey, there’s a raccoon!” After staring at it for a bit I dashed in the house to grab my Sony RX10M4 with the big zoom lens.

Foraging Raccoon

S/He saw me and was a bit suspicious of my intent.

S/he spotted the spotter

So cute but so vicious. Check out those teeth.

Nasty teeth

Not the best picture, but it looks like he was eating the cherries on the tree.

Grabbing a cherry from the buffet

He kept his eyes on us for quite a while.

Watchfull raccoon.

Before long he had other concerns than us. A crow had spotted him and sounded the alarm. At least a dozen other crows joined in all cawing to beat the band. Some circled the tree, some sat on branches on the neighboring tree and some on branches just above him. It was amazing to see the crows work together like this.

The raccoon’s early dinner was over, he reluctantly crawled down a ways.

I’m keeping an eye out for signs of a nearby nest. Back in our last house we had a family under out deck and we had to have them humanely trapped and moved.

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