Favorite Pictures of 2019

Date: January 14, 2020

Last January I took part in the Matt Kloskowski “Fresh Start” training/program. I found it fun and engaging. I learned some new things that I’ve carried forward since then. You can read my posts for the four weeks here.

Matt is running the program again this year and I signed up again. Week One’s assignment was to get in the habit of publishing your work – review and post my favorite pictures of the last year . While I feel I do okay with that via my blog, I think it is helpful to keep track of my successes so I can build on them.

If you look at the sections on the top of my web site you’ll see a section called “Photo Gallery (…)”. I had the intention to update this at least annually, but you can see by the title of the section I haven’t changed it in four, going on five, years. I’m going to work on that in the coming month, so keep a look out.

Rather that replicating them in this post, I’ve created a Flickr album of my favorite 20 pictures from 2019 you can find here.

Here is my absolute favorite of the year – taken near Lake Quinault in the Olympic Rain Forest

Kestner Homestead, Lake Quinault

Some will find their way to my new all time top 20 favorites. Stay tuned to see what makes it and what doesn’t.

Now I’m looking forward to Week 2 which starts tomorrow (Monday January 13, 2020)

This all comes under my goal for the year to work on my photography.

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