Hyland Forest Park through the year

One of the few blessings from this dumpster fire of a year was an opportunity to stretch my legs walking every day. One of my favorite destinations is Hyland Forest Park which I had walked on the outskirts of for years but never in. Starting in April 2020 I explored the trails in the 29.5 acre park. It’s 1½ miles from my house up to the park, then about a one mile loop – or maybe a bit more if I walk down more trails, then 1½ miles home. So a 4 mile walk with plenty of elevation change and a beautiful forested park in the middle. I’ve been intrigued by how the woods have changed over the 8 months.

In mid-April I loved how the leaves were coming on, and the green undergrowth.

One of the many trails in the 30 acre Hyland Forest Park. April 13, 2020

Just 2½ weeks later the greenery was going wild. Western Oregon is a magical place in the spring. We get some rain but the benefit is apparent all around us.

Hyland Forest Park – April 30, 2020

By mid-June it was out of its mind. It was still a week before summer would officially start.

Hyland Forest Park – June 18, 2020

Through July and August the paths had narrowed significantly due to the overgrowth. For whatever reason I didn’t take pictures in those months. By the end of September, the green was fading but was still abundant.

Hyland Forest Park – September 29, 2020

Despite our reputation, it is still warm and mostly dry in October and trees haven’t given up their leaves yet.

Hyland Forest Park – October 20, 2020

Two weeks later, in early November the leaves are beginning to fall.

Hyland Forest Park – November 4, 2020

And by early December the leaves are gone, the undergrowth is shrinking and the paths are wide.

Hyland Forest Park Early December – Winter view. December 3, 2020

As the year comes to a close, it’s fun to reflect back on the changes in nature.

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  1. Nice photo journey through the seasons. I need to get my self up there for a walk and some soul-calming. Thanks for posting this.

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