Road Trip to Glacier Day 3: Inland NW Rail Museum

When you read the future posts on our August trip to Santa Cruz, you’ll be able to compare and contrast vacations I plan and those Carla plans. My goal on this trip was to follow the old Great Northern railroad route from Leavenworth, Washington to East Glacier, Montana. On our fourth day we had a short drive from Leavenworth to Couer d’Alene, Idaho.
The fast way would have been to take I90, but that route doesn’t parallel the train route so we took the more scenic route along US Highway 2.
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Road Trip to Glacier. Day 1 – Columbia Gorge

I thought our road trip days were behind us. Our last long trip was driving coast to coast from Portland to New York and back in 2016 (you can review those posts here). When we got back we were exhausted from the fun we had, but also from driving 7,157.5 miles – that is a lot of car time. We both swore “no more”, but as always I got the itch to hit the road. Emerging from the pandemic shut-down Carla surprised me, telling me she also wanted to get out again and see the country. There is just no substitute I have found that allows one to see a lot of the country in a short period of time.

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