Garfield Park Conseravtory – Chicago

On our Chicago trip today we went with our son (our daughter-in-law had performances all day) and grandsons to the Garfield Park Conservatory in west Chicago. It’s a huge building with lots of different temperature and humidity controlled rooms for different types of vegetation. As we walked in we were met my a beautiful reflecting… Continue reading Garfield Park Conseravtory – Chicago

Route 66 Days 22 & 23 – Lincoln to Chicago

May 15, 2015 There has been about a week long pause in my blogging about the trip – and I left you all with the cliffhanger just as we were on the outskirts of Chicago. What can I say? Sometimes life happens. We reached North Riverside where our son, daughter-in-law,and grandson live on Friday and… Continue reading Route 66 Days 22 & 23 – Lincoln to Chicago