Northwest Grille – December 15, 2007

9900 SW Canyon Rd (Shilo Inn)
Portland, OR

This was my pick. I wouldn’t have picked this normally because A) it is part of Shilo Inn hotel which is a chain; and B) it is part of Shilo Inn hotel. But, it had a grand write up in the Oregonian a couple of days before we went; so I figured, what the heck. If we can find a good breakfast place on the westside, I’m game.

Well, in a word, “Ugh”. Typical hotel restaurant food. I had the “Meat Lover’s Scramble”. The spuds were cool, there wasn’t much meat, and the cheese on top wasn’t melted. Service was nice enough.

I guess, I’ll have to bite the bullet and head back to the east side of the river for a decent breakfast next time.

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