Headed out again!

My youngest son, Andrew, and I will be driving from Portland to his house in Tucson. We are going to drive over part of Route 66 as part of the adventure.

On Sunday we’ll head from Portland to Ashland where we’ll take in the play “Our Town” at the Shakespeare Festival. Monday we’ll drive down the heart of California into Barstow where we will spend the night at a hotel overlooking the BSNF railroad tracks.

Tuesday we’ll reprise part of Carla and my drive through Amboy, Needles, Kingman, Seligman, and over to Winslow.

Because we have to get to Tucson by Thursday and want to visit our relatives in Cottonwood and Sedona, we’ll have to bypass part of the old road. For example we won’t go through Oatman, but Amboy and Seligman are a must. We will be having lunch at the Sno Cap in Seligman!

I’ll post some pictures along the way as Carla and I did last year.

Stay tuned

4 thoughts on “Headed out again!

  1. Now Howard,

    You know I am a stickler when it comes to blogging.. I see NO NEW POSTS and you have been gone since Friday….. Where are the photos???

  2. Good Day Howard,
    We haven't gotten any text messages saying you are broke down but obviously something is wrong since it is TUESDAY July 16 and STILL NO POST or PICTURES!!!!! Whats up with that? Am I going to have to boycott this blog? Please post soon otherwise we will simply hear how things went by talking to you on Monday 🙂

  3. I woke up this morning and got into work ready to read the latest and greatest on the BANNER Tech Leads adventures. I opened my browser anxiously waiting to slip the URL in to the browsers address bar. Quickly the HTML from http:/2for66.blogspot.com starts downloading and on my screen appears……………………………………… The same stuff that was there the day it was announced that your travels would be tracked on this blog site. Man what a dissappointment. My whole day is shot. Might as well head home now…
    Hope the travels are going well. By your lack of posting Im going to assume is going FANTSTIC. See you when you get back.

  4. Wow…. It's Friday and we have heard not a peep out of you on this blog… I am sad. I really thought we would get something but there I go thinking the glass is half full again. SEE YOU MONDAY

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