Purpose – My 2008 New Year’s Resolutions

A year ago – December 2007 I decided to take New Year’s resolutions seriously; which is really, REALLY not like me. But surprise, surprise; I established some measurable goals and tried through the year to follow up on them. Some of them are personal (well all of them are personal) but one of them I thought might be a good point for discussion and give-and-take. And I plan to write about more than just my resolutions.

My resolution for 2008 was 8, 5, 4, 3. I wanted my resolutions to be easy to remember, measurable, and attainable. The numbers meant:

– Read 8 books. Status: Success: I read 11 books

– Lose 5 pounds: Status: Success: I was down 15 pounds during the year; ended up 10 pounds lighter at the end of the year

– Brush my teeth 4 minutes a day. Status: Not successful: Two – 2 minute sessions is TOO much; I couldn’t keep it up and actually hurt my teeth with my electric tooth brush

– Floss 3 times a week. Status: Not successful: Probably averaged 2wice a month.

So, reading that you probably figure you don’t want to stand too close to me when we talk. Interesting that I picked two items involving my mouth.

Want I want to do in this blog is discuss the books I’ve read, but I figure I’ll be all over the board and talk about food and other things of interest.

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