Road Trip 2010 – Eastbound travel statistics

We’ve completed the first half of our travel and I thought it would be interesting to share how much car time we had. These are statistics for “in the car” driving whether it was on the highway or driving up and down Grand Island Nebraska looking for a DQ.

  • Total miles Portland to Chicago: 2,371
  • Average speed: 52 MPH. It’s really dropped from the fast times at Wyoming High. It dropped another 3 MPH just driving through Illinois.
  • Average fuel usage: 30 MPG. This has dropped from a high of 31
  • Total time in the car: 44:59

Naturally if we had climbed in the car and come directly across I84/I80 with no side trips, the miles would be much lower and the average speed probably a bit higher. We spend a lot of time at 60 MPH across Nebraska and Missouri.

When we climb in the car on Monday morning we’ll reset the travel odometer and compare the trip back.

I also have a spreadsheet I’m keeping of the time and miles between towns. I’ve had problems in the past formtatting spreadsheets in Blogspot, but I’ll cross my fingers.

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