Dumpling Soup – November 28 ,2010

I recently subscribed to Food Network magazine. Perusing my first copy I realized how spoiled I’ve become with Cook’s Illustrated and Cook’s Country. I think the Food Network magazine is more than half advertising. But I persevered and found a few recipes to try. This  week we tried the dumpling soup; a version of the recipe is  here; later in the week we’ll have the Cantonese chicken.

The dumpling recipe promised to be a 30 minute dinner. We’ll see.

Carla went to see the new Harry Potter movie and it was a quick prep so I thought I’d take some extra time to do a complete prep. Here are the ingredients. We’ll take four 3-inch strips of the orange skin for some citrus zest.

I’m a slow prepper; 20-30 minutes later everything is ready

Everything is staged. Waiting for Carla to get back from the movie

It definitely cooks up quick; about 20 minutes.

We liked the broth; very nice for such a quick simmer. Next time I’ll use Trader Joe’s pot stickers or dumplings. The ones I picked up at New Season’s market were too big and too doughy.

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