Chicago Day 2 – Navy Pier

After a casual breakfast, we went totally tourist style today and headed to Navy Pier. Ferris wheel, lake cruise, lunch, the whole 9 yards.

We got on the brown ‘L’ line and headed to town; switched to the red line after a bit; got off downtown near the Magnificient Mile and walked over to Navy Pier which juts out into Lake Michigan.

After a little bit of a walk around we decided it was time for lunch. We figured since we were in Chicago, Harry Caray’s bar was the place to go. For those of you not in the US, Harry Caray was the long time broadcaster for the Chicago Cubs baseball team. His trademark expression was “Holy Cow” which he would shout whenever something amazing (or semi-amazing) happened on the field.

Holy Cow!

Since I had the camera, I took advantage.

The adorable couple. Henriët made Andrew tone down the
shenanigans when it was time for a picture

After lunch it was time to ride the 15 story Ferris Wheel. This thing is huge; we could see it all the way from Andrew’s old place up in Lake View.

Waiting in line

Up, up, up they go.

After the ride, we walked to the end of the pier. Along the way we saw a bar with flags of many countries.

Nice juxtaposition of SA and USA flags

Carla, Henriët, and Andrew at the end of the pier.

There was a nice cool breeze out at the end of the pier; Andrew and Henriët said it was beautiful weather; I’m glad we weren’t here when it was hot.

Then we went on a short cruise up the shore of Lake Michigan. It really afforded a nice view of the skyline.

Navy Pier in the foreground with the City of Big Shoulders behind.
A view of East Chicago from the tour boat.

Coming back to the pier. The tall building with 2 towers is the Hancock Building

From here we took the Lake Shore Path south toward Grant Park. Lollapalooza was going on so there was a mass of people around. Grant Park is Henriët’s office this summer; she is a member of the Grant Park Symphony Chorus this summer. We’ll see a concert next Friday. When we got to Millennium Park (part of Grant Park) we were hungry again so we headed over to “Hot Woks, Cool Sushi”. It was a hot day so we all opted for sushi.

Making dinner plans in front of “The Bean” at Millenium Park

Dinner! I got the picture before we started eating for a change.

 Tomorrow morning we’ll head up to Egg Harbor in Door County, Wisconsin. This is a peninsula that juts up between Lake Michigan and Green Bay. Not sure if we’ll have internet up there; posts may not come until early next week.

4 thoughts on “Chicago Day 2 – Navy Pier

  1. Your experience of Chicago and Lake Michigan makes it very tempting for me to use all my savings to plan a holiday there one day.

    I have never realised that the Lake is so huge and beautiful !

    All the photo's are really captivating and of postcard quality.

    Thank you for sharing these special moments and making everyone smiling – I am anxiously looking forward to more news !


  2. Dankie Engela. Dit is baie gaaf van jou om so te sê. Die Kinders maak
    Regtig die foto's
    We all send our love to you and hope you can come visit someday soon


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