Saturday August 6: Driving to Door County Wisconsin.

We woke up had a bite to eat and then headed up to Door County, Wisconsin which is a peninsula which just out between Green Bay (yes that Green Bay) and Lake Michigan. It was about a 5 hour drive from Chicago.

Here is a view showing the distance from Chicago.

A closer view of the peninsula

This is a big tourist area for Wisconsin and Illinois’folks. Carla did some great sleuthing to find a place for us in Egg Harbor (Green Bay side) on short notice.

We headed north on the freeway, then cut over to Highway 42; a 2 lane highway up the Lake Michigan side of the peninsula.

This is by far my favorite way to travel. On the way up we stopped for lunch in Manitowac, small town Americana

Andrew and Henriët had a room next to us with a shared deck.

We found a really nice Italian restaurant, Trio, for dinner

After dinner we took a little walk around the grounds and played a little tennis. Then we came back to enjoy the sunset from our decks. It was overcast as the humidity took over but it was still beautiful.

To end the evening we watched a Jeeves and Wooster episode and headed to bed

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