Fall Colors

I love this time of year around the neighborhood. Our trees turn a beautiful shade of yellow and form a canopy as we drive home. So we went out for a walk in the afternoon sun and I took the camera along.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, here is a long essay.

The camera I have my eye on has GPS, so pictures will post with their location.

(Further down I added pictures from our Sunday walk to the pond near Nimbus Ave.)

These trees caused our neighbors many problems over the years. No more

Then on Sunday we walked over to the pond near Nimbus Ave.

An alley way between Southridge HS and Nimbus
Fanno Creek
A little red among the green
Tough thing about suburbia; can’t get away from poles, roads and what-not.
That’s the original Fanno Creek farm house in the background
Looking across the pond
My jig-jaw picture
Interesting plant at one of the buildings in the industrial park near the pond
Carla’s coleus outside our front door. Just a few more weeks before it gets too cold.
Saturday October 29; still a few trees with colors left. I’m no biologist but it seems that the yellow/orange leaves are gone and the mostly red leaves remain

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