Sherwood Merry Walkers Volks Walk

My work has a “Healthy Steps” program where you get points for various activities. I get most of my points from swimming and yoga, but you need to have a few public activities in order to get full credit (meaning cash rewards at the end of the year and reductions in health insurance premiums).

I found the Sherwood Merry Walkers website through work and the 10K walk through Sherwood during the fall colors looked like it might be fun. So this morning we headed down Roy Rogers Road to the Sherwood YMCA which was the starting point

I just got a new camera this week: Canon Powershot S100; today would be a good time to see how it works. It’s got a lot of options; it will take me a while to get used to them all.

Right off the bat I realized we were in for a scary walk
Ghouls and Goblins

But the trees were pretty so we carried on.

Looking east down Sunset Blvd
Scary scary; we must be near an old grave yard
A nice little house in downtown Sherwood
We got to cross railroad tracks TWICE. I think this is the line that WES uses
A little pond in the wetlands. Ducks headed straight toward us when we stopped
More fall colors with some other Volks Marchers on the route
A cemetery! We whistled as we walked by
Walking down one street the trees are red
Turn the corner; different trees..different colors
A scary ghoul

We’ll definitely do this again.

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