Chili Colorado

December 2, 2012

Getting caught up.

Another iteration of my ongoing quest to make chili colorado that approaches the quality of those Bob Newlon’s mom made when I was a kid. His mom was an amazing cook.

For this try I made my own enchilada sauce. Split and deseed some dried New Mexico red chili peppers. Then roast for a about 30 seconds.

Roast some dried chilis

Then steep them like tea for 30 minutes in hot water.

Steeping the peppers

Blend it all up

Out comes a nice enchilada sauce
I cubed some pork and dredged it in flour before browning in bacon fat. This might have been a mistake, the flour burned on the bottom of the pan.
Stew the pork in the enchilada sauce and chicken broth.
Simmering the pork. Beans cooking on the back burner.
Beans and pork on a flour tortilla
Make a burrito.

Dinner is served. I sure didn’t have beer with it when I was a kid 😉

Eat it up.

This was the closest I’ve come to achieving my goal. I think the enchilada sauce needs some garlic and spices. You can find my recipe here. [EDIT May 25, 2018. I’ve updated the link to reflect my current ingredients and method.]

Rating: ★★★★ 4 out of 5 stars.

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