Road Trip 2014 – June 24-25 Jurgen, Henriët, and Andrew

Let’s take a break for a moment from the sites on our road trip, and the trains I’ve seen to focus on why we headed to Chicago in the first place – our little grandson Jurgen – born to Henriët and Andrew. As most of you know, Henriët is from South Africa; she was very close to her grandfather Jurgen; she also has an uncle in Dubai and a cousin in Australia named Jurgen. His initials also provide us with four out of five generations of “JTs”. My dad, his dad, my older son, and now Jurgen.

He’s just turning two weeks old today (June 25) and it has been simply amazing to watch him grow so much in the last week. I’ve forgotten how intense those first few weeks are; it’s been wonderful watching Henriët and Andrew stepping up to the challenge and figuring it all out on the fly – as we all do.

There are also so many more gadgets than 30+ years ago. Andrew and I, but mostly Andrew, worked through how to use the baby carrier. On Jurgen’s day 13, Andrew strapped Jurgen in and off they went for a walk through the hood.

Jurgen checking out his dad, Andrew

Jurgen and Andrew pose.

Henriët, Jurgen, and Andrew; the family has grown by 50%!

If you are aware of the rule for clothing babies – “one more layer than the adults” –  you’re probably thinking the rest of us are standing around naked. I assure you we are not. We are all at comfortable and appropriate levels of dress.

“Dag 14” is Afrikaans for  “Day 14”. Jurgen’s two week birthday celebration.

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