Road Trip – Metra commuter trains in Riverside

The Oumas (o-mahs – Afrikaans for grandmas) went to the farmers market this morning for some tasty surprises. Andrew and Henriët were hanging with Jurgen so I took a 20 minutes walk into Riverside to go trackside. I caught a couple of Metra commuter trains; one traveling east from Chicago to Aurora; the second heading back to the big city.

Main Riverside Metra station

Aurora (outbound) train entering Riverside station

 This Metra line runs on BNSF tracks; I’m not sure but BNSF may even own the cars.

BNSF/Metra dual level commuter car.

The trains have a locomotive on one end and a control cab in the last car; they don’t turn around at the end points; just head back the other way.

Control cab portion of an inbound train.

Inbound train leaving the station; the locomotive is pushing the train to Chicago;
the last (first?) car has a place for the engineer to sit

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