Road Trip 2014 – Jurgen’s Room

Henriët’s mother, Jeanette, is an artist; we have some of her work on our walls at home. She arrived in Chicago from Johannesburg a few weeks before Jurgen was due. Her first mission on arriving was to paint and decorate Jurgen’s room to remind him of his heritage. Henriët and Andrew are also taking a bilingual approach with Jurgen. Henriët speaks to him in Afrikaans, while Andrew uses English.

At any rate, Jeanette did a fantastic job of painting the nursery. She did some special work on the ceiling and drew many South African animals on the walls.

Jurgen’s room from the door.

Jurgen’s crib. He’s not sleeping here yet; he is in a basinet in his parents’ room.

You can see the crocodile (“krokodil” in Afrikaans) above the crib; each wall has one or more animals sketched. My photography skills are not adequate to capture the beautiful work Jeannette did.

The ceiling is made up of various angles and planes. Jeanette did a great job of bringing it to life by painting a beautiful set of lines that makes it look like a colorful tent.

Looking up at the ceiling

Jurgen has a beautiful room that he will enjoy and that will remind him of his South African heritage.

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