2016 Summer Road Trip – Niagara Falls

July 2-3, 2016

After visiting the kids and grandkids in Chicago for a week we headed east to continue our road trip. We drove through the top of Indiana and into Michigan crossing to the northeast. After crossing into Ontario, Canada we spent the night in Sarnia. We got up bright and early to get to Niagara Falls from the Canadian side.

The following picture was taken from our hotel room high up in the Marriott hotel. It’s a panorama which kind of curves things more than they appear in real life. A bridge back to the United States is on the left hand side; then you see American Falls and then the aptly named Horseshoe Falls. Click on the individual photos below to get much better views of the area.

Overview of the Niagara Falls area from the Canadian side
Overview of the Niagara Falls area from the Canadian side

The Canadian side is more touristy than the American side but I think you get much better views – so that more than makes up for the crowds.

We walked up and down the walkway next to the river to get closer views.

Niagara Falls from the Canadian Side

Walking further down the wide walkway we reached American Falls.

20160702 ILCA-77M2 28-135mm F4-4.5 2016 Summer Trip - Niagara Falls DSC07861-Pano-Edit
American Falls – near Niagara Falls

After a nice dinner we spent the evening watching the Falls – they are backlit at night. Early in the morning I popped up to catch the pre-dawn view.

Niagara Falls at dawn
Niagara Falls at dawn

After marveling at it for a bit I thought “hey, is the water level lower than yesterday?” Sure enough, they turn down the flow at night to conserve water for the power plants on either side of the border. Here you might be able to see the rocks showing shallower water – compare to the top picture.

Low water volume early morning at Niagara Falls
Low water volume early morning at Niagara Falls

We were on our next step of our adventure – upstate New York, Cooperstown, and the baseball Hall of Fame.


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