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Usually when I travel I carry my laptop in my backpack. With my camera and all the other stuff I need in there the backpack gets heavy. I’m working on a workflow where I can get the laptop out of the loop. These are the steps I think I’ll need to take.

  1. Take pictures. No change there 🙂
  2. Import pictures into Lightroom Mobile. (Currently I import into Lightroom Classic CC)
  3. Edit the photos in Lightroom Mobile. Unfortunately LR Mobile doesn’t have the “Auto” color button that I use as a starting point on the laptop
  4. Export the photos to a spot on my Google Drive (New)
  5. Use the WordPress mobile app to upload the pictures, write the post and publish.

Today I’m working on steps 4 and 5. (Why go in order?). I’ve exported a photo from LR Mobile to Google Drive. Now I’m going to try to upload it into WorkPress.

I found the photo for import and it was pulled in automatically. Nice. The image above is full size. I’ll try the same picture below saved as “Large”

Now, the proof of the pudding is to publish and view in a browser.

Here goes Publish

The photos are different sizes in the editor window but in a browser they look to be the same.

Unfortunately, I don’t see how I can create links in the photos to bring up a larger version.

Hm, I went to Google Drive and turned on link sharing for the image – let’s try that

I’m not sure I like the idea of linking directly to my Google account documents, so I need to research that a bit.

2 thoughts on “Testing Mobile Upload

  1. I use camera, iPad and photo editing app, Snapseed, when I travel, then blog using one of a couple blogging apps. I don’t link to bigger images normally, so not an issue. Why do you do that? Enlarging your train image on my iPad gave me all I needed to see.

  2. Thanks Terry! I’m delighted to be able to leave my computer at home

    Sounds like my work flow will be similar to yours.

    Not sure why I enlarge my images. I suppose it’s thinking people just can’t get enough my images 😝

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