An Afternoon at Cannon Beach

May 18, 2018

We are in Cannon Beach for the weekend and I’m using the time to work through my method of moving photos from my camera’s SD card into LightRoom Mobile and then into my blog.

Cannon Beach is named for a cannon that washed up on the beach many, many years ago. But it’s real draw is Haystack Rock. There are a few of these structures along the Pacific Coast; when I was a kid the family went to Morro Bay in California. That beach also sports a huge rock in the bay – appropriately named Morro Rock.

Haystack Rock is visible up and down the long beach.

We walked south down the beach to get closer to the rock. It was high tide so we couldn’t get to the tidepools, but we saw a love message

We saw plenty of birds. There. were a lot hanging out on the lower rocks.

And more along the shore.

Here is a view looking north from the dune near the house we are staying at.

That little rock on the far left edge is an old lighthouse. The nice thing about my Sony RX10IV is its extreme zoom lens.

After walking for a while it was time to head back to our place and start dinner so the kids would have something to eat after fighting the traffic from Portland. Although we didn’t have any wind, we saw evidence of just how windy it can be.

Windy much?

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