Spring Cleaning

May 26, 2018

A few months ago one of my nieces bought a pressure cooker. She asked for some recipes so of course I pointed her to my blog. She came back to me saying that many of the links no longer work. Hmmm. Must be an anomoly. But as I tracked through some older posts I found that none of the PDF links from mid 2017 and before to copies of the recipes resulted in 404 file-not-found errors.

Many of the times I cook a recipe I’ve found, I’ll make a quick short-hand copy for myself to print so I can keep it handy for following in the kitchen. I’ll make note of any changes and my thoughts on the dish. I often make PDF copies of these to stash in my DropBox account and sometimes share those along with the original site.

Well, the method DropBox I use to share the files was not secure so they came up with a new method in late 2017. The old links weren’t just deprecated (meaning they’d still work but couldn’t be created), they were just plain broken. Links created after the cutover date were fine.

I came down with a bit of pneumonia last weekend which laid me up for a few days. This was the perfect time to fix those dang broken links. I searched my WordPress site to find any dropbox link using the old sharing method, then methodically went through each post to update the link. There were over 150 entries. I gave myself until the end of June to complete the task but once I get started it’s hard to stop. Over four days I changed and retested the links with some minor cleanup along the way.

If you click on a link that doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll get it fixed ASAP

As I worked myself through the posts, I realized I still have links to my original blog on blogspot.com In August 2014 I migrated from Blogger to WordPress and started using my own domain name. I thought the migration would update the links Nope.

So, as a last step, I searched through the posts for links to the old blog. Another round of updating (faster this time) and I now have a bright shiny blog again.

Also, in my effort to replace my laptop with my iPad when traveling, I’ve been testing out keyboards. I’ve been trying two: the. Zagg Slimbook Ultrathin case and the Brydge 10.5.

The nice thing about the Zagg is it has a place for the Apple pencil. but it is a large case and you have to pull the iPad out of the hinge and flip it around if you rotate the screen back too far; otherwise, it tends to tip.

The nice thing about the Brydge 10.5 is its sleekness. There is no case/cover for the iPad itself, just a pair of hinges to push the iPad into. It’s easier to insert and remove the iPad from the hinge. And I don’t have to rotate the screen as much as the Zagg because the base is heavier. However, its big dowside is missing keystrokes. It is the issue that kept me from snapping it up a few months ago. It’s not perfect, and it seems like I can’t type as fast as I’d like because I have to be a bit more deliberate about pressing down each key. I wish the keyboard was more responsive; in the meantime I’ll try it out to see if my fingers get the muscle memory to lower the errror rate.

That’s what I’ve been up to. I wish my US readers especially a happy Memorial Day. It’s a day I remember my dad who was an infantryman in World War II. He shared very litte with us about his experience and he died before Tom Brokaw’s Greatest Generation movement came out. I wish he was still around. But I see a lot of him in my two sons – especially the oldest.

And, my mom was a Women Marine. She worked in San Francisco as a typist (I think) working on orders for the Pacific Fleet. She said they knew when a big engagement was coming becaue the paperwork stacked up. I miss her too. I can look and listen to my older sister and see my mom there.

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