Tidal Pools at Haystack Rock

May 19, 2018

When we were on the beach yesterday ti was high tide so we couldn’t get very close to Haystack Rock. Today we had low tide around noon so we headed out to get a look at the tide pools.


As you can see in the pictures we weren’t the only ones with the idea. Haystack Rock at low tide is the place to be. Docents hang out and tell folks about what we are looking at.


Clams, mussels, and barnacles cling to every bit of rock.


We saw plenty of critters in the pools andon the rocks.


We crossed over a bit of water to check out the south side of the rock and caugt a seagull spreading his wings.



After about an hour of tooling around, the tide was coming back in, cutting off some of our access, so we headed back toward the house. I took the high road while Carla strolled  along the tide to get her feet wet. She got this awesome picture of a star fish out in the open


Because the tide was low, I got another shot of the lighthouse off the coast.


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