Santa Maria Pinquito Beans

June 23, 2018

We had some friends over for a summer dinner this past weekend. I picked up a tri-tip from Costco and cooked some Santa Maria Pinquito beans which is the traditional side dish for tri-tip. Last month I ordered some Rancho Gordo beans expressly for this purpose.

My guess is “pinquito”  translates to “little pink”. These beans certainly fit that description.

20180623 Santa Maria Pinquito Beans 130

Most of the time when I cook beans I use a similar recipe: soak the beans overnight, sauté onion in some bacon fat, add some spices – especially cumin – and then cook with a bay leaf, slightly smashed garlic cloves, and 1/2 and onion. Santa Maria beans have a much different profile; I figured in for a penny in for a dollar so I used a recipe from DadCooksDinner . I used his recipe exactly except I substituted a cup of chicken stock for an equal amount of water.

Sometimes it makes me crazy when people say they used a recipe with just a couple of adjustments: like “I substituted a rib eye steak for the portobello mushrooms, and grilled it instead of baking; it was great!” But this was substantially Mike Vrobel’s recipe.  I trust the change I made isn’t substantial.

Instead of soaking the beans as I normally would, I cooked them up after picking them over for any rocks and giving them a quick rinse. I pulled out the ingredients.

20180623 Santa Maria Pinquito Beans 120-Edit

As you can see, no cumin but we add dry mustard and tomato sauce.


20180623 Santa Maria Pinquito Beans 142

I browned the bacon, then added the onion and garlic and a bit of salt for a few minutes; then tossed in the mustard and baking soda along  with the tomato sauce, water, and chicken stock and cooked under high pressure. After cooking they had a nice rich broth like the other beans I’ve purchased from Rancho Gordo.

Um, and then I got caught up hanging out with friends and neglected to get pictures of the tri-tip or the grill prep. Oops, But I’ve cooked tri-tip before and you can read about it here.

We had a nice dinner and the beans were a hit – Jay had seconds.

20180623 Santa Maria Pinquito Beans 155

I was keeping a cooking log for the tri-tip but again I got too involved in conversation and just didn’t complete it. When I realized I had sliced up the tri-tip before taking a picture of the finished product, I knew I was off my game. Sorry.

I wasn’t a fan of these beans. I’m not saying they are bad, I’m just saying I didn’t care for them. They tasted like Boston Baked Beans without the sugar – and I refuse to put sugar in my beans. Maybe my taste buds were expecting the usual bean flavor I make; or maybe I trigger a childhood memory of having to sit at the table until I finished my baked beans. I know have that similar response to scalloped potatoes. People tell me they are delicious – I wouldn’t know; I just can’t eat them. These beans didn’t trigger that scalloped potato reaction; they were okay, just not my cup of tea.

But, don’t hesitate from cooking these beans just because I didn’t like them.


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