Summer Trip to Newport – Day 3: Leaving

Date of visit: July 17, 2018

We just had a short visit so on Tuesday it was time to go. But first breakfast at the Nye Beach Cafe in Nye Beach20180717 Newport Nye Beach_RXC0091

We got there before they opened up; one website said they opened at 7:00 another at 8:00. We figured: “breakfast! it must be 7:00”.  Nope. So we walked around Nye Beach for a bit – another nice touristy area where we ate dinner the first night – The Chowder Bowl – and breakfast the morning before – I forget the name. It’s a small place and there were only three parties when we got back from our walk a little after 8:00. But the owner was in a rush – apparently the woman who normally does the setup work had a baby the day before so they had to prep stuff as well as cook orders. No worries.

I looked around and was fascinated by the ceiling fans. There are three of them, but they all run off of one motor – the other two are driven by pulleys. Here are the two we could see.


We had a nice breakfast – we recommend stopping there.

Checkout time was noon so we had time to get a walk in on Agate Beach which is just across some sand dunes from the condominium we stayed in. To get to the dunes we had to cross Little Creek.

20180717 Newport Nye Beach_RXC0097
Bridge across Little Creek at Agate Beach, Oregon


As you can see by the picture above it was an overcast morning; but Oregon beach goers are a hardy lot, the tide was extremely low bringing out the clammers. There were also some surfers.

20180717 Newport Nye Beach_RXC0112

We walked north until the Yaquina Head Lighthouse came into view.

20180717 Newport Nye Beach_RXC0123

After walking for an hour or so it was time to pack up and head out. But I wanted one more visit to the Yaquina Head Lighthouse. On our first day I went down to the beach; today I wanted to climb the hill overlooking the lighthouse and the coast it protects. The sky wasn’t as blue as our first visit; but it was impressive nonetheless.

20180717 Newport Final Day A7R02399-Pano

We walked back down the hill and back to the visitor center, hopped in the car and headed home. Traffic was busy again in Lincoln City but nice just the same.

If you find yourself within a few hours of Newport, I recommend a visit.




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