Chicken and Dumplings

When I blog cooking posts that I’ve tried from another web site I provide a link to the source and only post my own copy if I’ve made substantial changes. This original recipe comes from Cook’s Illustrated which has a pay wall. It is also available on the sister site  America’s Test Kitchen which has some free content though it requires registration. I apologize I can’t provide a direct link to a free version of the recipe but I hope you can get enough information to get you started on your own version.

Like many of my late Fall recipes- three of my last four – we start with mirepoix – diced onions, carrots, and celery.

Mirepoix for Chicken and Dumplings

Brown six bone-in skin-on chicken thighs in  a bit of vegetable oil; pour off the fat retaining about a Tablespoon.

Sautéd chicken thighs for chicken and dumplings

As the thighs brown we line up the rest of the ingredients.

Ingredients lined up for chicken stew.

Sauté the mirepoix until they start to brown.

Mirepoix sautéing for chicken and dumplings

After the mirepoix is lightly browned scrape up the flavorful browned bits with some dry sherry.

Dry sherry used to stir up the fond (brown bits after sautéing)

The original recipe calls for store-bought low sodium chicken stock to which chicken wings are added to add collagen to the stew. I used my homemade chicken stock so omitted the thighs since the homemade has plenty of body. I used the called-for 6 cups but it really could use 8 cups – you’ll find that the dumplings really suck up the broth.

Homemade chicken stock for chicken and dumplings.

Add the broth to vegetables in the Dutch oven, nestle in the chicken thighs. and simmer for about an hour – until the chicken is very tender. At the end remove the thighs and set aside to cool for a bit. When cool, discard the skin and shred the thighs into  bite sized bits; return the shredded parts and bring to a low simmer while you prepare the dumplings. I intended to add 1/2 cup frozen peas to the stew at this point but totally forgot. I added some to the leftovers and they were good.

Dumpling ingredients for chicken and dumplings

The recipe calls for buttermilk – which is great. I used Bulgarian style which I think has more fat in it that regular. Mix the dry ingredients of flour and salt. Melt the butter, let cool slightly then whisk into the buttermilk. Finally whisk in egg white – which keeps the dumplings nice and light. Drop the batter into the pot, cover tightly and simmer until a toothpick comes out clean.

Dumplings simmering in the chicken stew.

Dinner is served. 

Dinner is served – Chicken and Dumplings

This is delicious and is a great cold rainy day dinner.

Rating: ★★★★

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