Cedar Planked Salmon

Date: July 16, 2019

We’ve eaten a lot of beef lately so we decided to lighten things up a bit. After soaking a 7×15 cedar plank in water for a couple of hours I fired up the grill to 350° and lightly salted a small salmon fillet. When the grill was up to temp, the salmon goes on the plank and the plank goes on the grill.

Cedar Planked Salmon on the Mak 2 Star

USDA says salmon is done at 145°; we have friends who take it off at 120°. We like it somewhere in between. Living in the Pacific Northwest, our fish is very fresh and we are confident in fish monger so I took it off at 130° – about 15 minutes.

Cedar Planked Salmon

I picked up a nice sourdough bread and Carla made some coleslaw. One of our DILs is from South Africa and she introduced us to having chutney as a condiment for salmon. I picked apple and cranberry – it went great with the apple smoked fish.

Salmon Planked Salmon with Coleslaw, Chutney and Sourdough Bread

Delicious. The cedar plank didn’t smoke much, so next time I might boost the grill temp a bit to 400°.

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