Sony A6600

Picture Date: January 3, 2020

I had a chance to try out the new Sony A6600 camera fitted with the kit
18-135mm lens. I was waiting around for the cable guy who never showed up so I had to confine my first set of pictures to around the yard. You can also check out my photos on Flickr.

First the obligatory photo of our wood duck box in the green space behind our house.

Wood Duck Box. f/5.6; 135mm; 1/250; ISO 800

Then I went out to the front yard to catch some hints of a far off spring. A rose bud that the deer haven’t found yet.

Rose Bud
f/5.6; 135mm; 1/250; ISO 1250

Our trees know the days are getting longer. It’s a long time until they will leaf out, but they are getting ready.

Buds! f/5.6; 78mm; 1/125; ISO 200
f/5.6; 135mm; 1/500; ISO 100
f/5.6; 79mm; 1/125; ISO 160

And some winter berries for a bit of color.

Winter berries. f/5.6; 135mm; 1/250; ISO 1000

I’m happy with the results. And the camera/lens combination is much lighter than my Sony A7RM3 with the 24,105mm lens. Maybe it will work for travel. I’ve got more pictures to take: landscapes and trains. Fingers crossed

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