Foggy Morning Walk in Vancouver (WA)

Date of Walk: December 28, 2020

As you know from living through this past COVID year we all get cabin fever at times and just want to see something else. Our big excursions have been the 1½ hour drive over to Cannon Beach on the Oregon coast. But sometimes we want something closer and different.

A few days after Christmas 2020 we got our opportunity. It was cold, but crystal clear with deep blue skies. Let’s go up to Vancouver, Washington to walk out over the Columbia River on the Grant Street Pier! I’ve seen pictures from there and heard about it and this was a great opportunity.

Overview of the Vancouver Waterfront Trail (Google Maps)

Or not; as we made our way north out of Portland and closer to the Columbia, it got foggier and foggier. And cold! Did I mention it was a cold morning? Nevertheless, we persisted. We parked downtown Vancouver and got on the Vancouver Waterfront Trail.

Looking west from the Grant Street Pier, Vancouver, WA

If we get fog, let’s shoot pictures of fog! Here are some of the cables supporting the pier as it juts out over the river.

Grant Street Pier supporting cables. Grant Street Pier, Vancouver, WA

I tried a shot south across the Columbia.

Foggy view looking south over the Columbia River

We just drove across the Interstate Bridge, but we couldn’t see it. So we headed east along the Vancouver Waterfront Trail until it came into view. We heard the traffic long before we saw the bridge.

Interstate Bridge between Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon.

The walkway goes under the bridge so I took a shot from the other side. I figured a black and white photo was the best way to capture the mood.

Interstate Bridge between Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon.

Did I mention it was cold? I mean, not Chicago cold (where the high was 7° F yesterday) but cold enough. We walked back to the car and headed home where we started a fire and read for the afternoon.

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