Hawaii with the Family – August

Trip Dates: August 14-22, 2022

This past August we got to embark on our dream vacation – an entire week in Hawaii with the family. Now I know this post borders on “we went to an island Paradise and you didn’t!” so I’ll keep it short.

Since we live so close to one another, Andrew, Henriët and the boys shared a ride to the airport with Carla and me. While we waited for Jeff and Sarah we took a picture of our feet at the PDX airport. It was a huge thing a few years ago; since then the iconic design has changed but we still took the opportunity.

If you know, you know

We were lucky enough to be able to rent a beautiful 3 room condo with a great view of the beach in Maui. We spent a lot of time on that lanai.

Andrew, Cornelius, Carla and Jurgen

We spent plenty of time at the beach as well.

Jurgen loving the water
Cornelius just washed up on shore and is waiting for the next wave.

The reason we picked the place we did is that it has multiple pools including a couple of kids pools where they can splash and yell without annoying the olds.

Oh, and there is a bar/restaurant on the beach as well.

Perfect spot for a cocktail

Over the week we worked out way through the menu of specialty cocktails.

Fruit but no umbrella, but we tried those types as well

The kids were totally into Pokemon and have a book of each character. They spent hours perusing it and quizzing the adults on the multitude of specimens.

The boys looking at their Pokemon book

The primary purpose was to have all eight of us together for an extended time. So many smiling faces.

Andrew, Jeff, Sarah, Howard, Carla, Cornelius, Henriët, and Jurgen

Most nights we went to a fish store and grilled some fish and what-not for dinner and watched the sun go down. Other nights we ordered dinner in and ate while the sun set. My favorite personal moment one evening.

Oupa loving the view

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