Coopers Hawk and Fawns

Picture Dates: March 28-29, 2023

Warning: I picked a bland image as the featured image. This post has pictures of the remains of a dead bird. If that might disturb you, skip this post.

Yesterday afternoon (March 28, 2023) I was staring out a window into the green space behind our house and saw a hawk going to the accipter (thanks for the term Frances) buffet. It wouldn’t turn around to face me so all I could get was this shot from behind.

Coopers Hawk looking for or at dinner

Then this morning, I saw it in the undergrowth bobbing up and down. Again I grabbed my camera to see what it was doing. I figured he had brought down some prey; but it wasn’t until I downloaded the pictures and zoomed in to see what it was it was eating.

Coopers Hawk having a meal

It looks to me to be the remains of one of the wood ducks that live in the area behind our house and nest in the wood duck boxes (or as I snidely say – the wooden, wood duck box) neighbor Jon thoughtfully maintains.

Coopers Hawk having a meal

Once again, Frances was a big help identifying the hawk.

When I downloaded the photos, I found some pictures of a couple of fawns wandering the green space from 2 years ago. You can see the remains of a chickadee nesting box on the ground also.

Fawn 1 in the Green Space

And its sibling

Fawn 2 in the Green Space

When I return I’ll be back catching up to stuff I have been cooking and reading in the past few months.

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