Internet Famous French Onion Pasta

Date Cooked: March 20, 2023

If you are reading about “internet famous” anything in the newspaper, you can be sure you’ve missed the trend. Sure enough, by the time I ran across this recipe in The Oregonian (original from The Washington Post) I’d missed the boat by over a year. According to the Washington Post, Carolyn Wong ( made the TikTok recipe which went viral in January 2022. The Post also reports that JoyTheBaker created a version of this back in 2014.

The Washington Post version is different from the Caron Wong’s in that it uses Gruyére cheese instead of parmesan (to get that French Onion Soup vibe) and uses more onion. There aren’t a lot of ingredients to this recipe.

Ingredients for Internet Famous French Onion Pasta\

Um… notice that I’m using Better Than Bouillon to make the chicken stock. When I went to the freezer I discovered I was out of homemade! Not to worry, the jar stuff is still much better than canned. The most labor intensive part of the prep is slicing the onions in thin, thin slices so make sure you have a sharp knife.

Everything prepped for the dish

Watching the transformation of the onions from their raw state to cooked down deliciousness was fascinating. Well, I stirred a lot while watching.

Just starting; the onions are introduced to the pot.
Onions are starting to cook down.
If we were making any other dish, the other ingredients would be in by now.
We’re done now, right? Nope!
Ah, that’s what we are looking for.

Once the onions are cooked down, add the thyme, chicken stock, and uncooked pasta. This is a one pot meal so you don’t have to boil the pasta separately.

Everything coming together.

Stir in the cheese at the end until melted, then serve passing extra cheese for topping

Dinner is served. Internet Famous French Onion Pasta

Rating:★★★ 3 Stars

This was a nice dish but id didn’t ring any bells for me. I think the Gruyére cheese – used to mimic French Onion Soup – threw me off a bit. Carla loves onions and loved, LOVED this disk. If I make this dish again I’ll try the original Carol Wong recipe (linked in the first paragraph). Or Mayberry this version from Wandering Chickpea – Feel Good Comfort Food that adds garlic and cremini mushrooms.

I found this recipe in the Oregonian newspaper but I can’t find it when I search the OregonLive site; and searching the internet for this version pushes me back to the Washington Post which I don’t have a subscription to anymore.

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