Tualatin Hills Nature Park

Hiking date: September 12, 2019 We’ve had a very wet beginning of September here in Portland. Last Thursday when it was just overcast we wanted to go out for a walk somewhere other than our neighborhood where I walk at least 4 days a week and Carla walks all 7. But then we didn’t want… Continue reading Tualatin Hills Nature Park

Trip to Washington and B.C.: Lake Quinault

Trip date: May 29, 2019 Last Fall we visited Carla’s high school friends Kate, Don, Marie, and Brian. Both couples have places on the road to Yosemite and we got to stay with Kate and Don meaning we had a short trip to the National Park every day. This year we invited them up to… Continue reading Trip to Washington and B.C.: Lake Quinault

The Chief

Post Date: April 3, 2019 In the early 1970’s Craig was the pitcher for The Rural Raiders – our slow-pitch softball team in Caldwell Idaho. As his battery mate behind the plate, I appreciated his steady, unflappable presence on the mound. Craig was as skilled, quiet and understated as I was inept, loud and clownish.… Continue reading The Chief