Day 17 Pasco to Home

Saturday August 22, 2010

We had a nice swim and dinner in Pasco on Friday night, so this morning we were refreshed and ready to cover the last couple of hundred miles home. There were thunderstorms booming in the early morning; as we headed out of Pasco and down to the Columbia River we saw some mist in the distance reminding us of our trip out of Deadwood.

There’s a lot of farming in this country; the farms in the west are drier and browner. Maybe just because it is wheat instead of corn and/or it is time for harvest.

Not everything is ready for harvest; we saw a crop duster working a field on this quiet cool morning

We continued our trip down to the Columbia  and it came into view!

It doesn’t get the press that the Mississippi and Missouri rivers get, but I’ll put it up against any river in the country!

We drove along the Washington side to Biggs Junction where Highway 97 crosses into Oregon. Just before we crossed we found this fruit and vegetable stand.

We had been hoping to find places like this all across the country but to no avail; maybe it is a west coast thing.

As we drove along the BNSF railroad tracks we had seen a couple of trains stopped; I figured they were waiting for some high priority train to come by. I was thinking I ought to grab the camera if something came by as were were shopping. As Carla was picking out some peaches and corn I heard a rumble and grabbed a shot of a freght. What great luck.

Less than 5 minutes later, Amtrak rolled by. This is on section of the Pioneer coming into Portland from Chicago. It splits in Spokane with the other section going to Seattle. If we take the train to visit Andrew and Henriët next summer this is the train we’ll take. 
We crossed the Columbia back to our home state.
After crossing the river we saw the Pioneer gliding along in Washington

In a few moments our marker of home hove into view.

I’m a western guy; the mountains look beautiful to me.

We got home and unpacked and are busy getting back into our day-to-day lives. We had some of the delicious corn we bought for dinner. Tonight we’ll have some salmon and the green beans.

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